MENCHACA & CIA was founded in 1996. Since then the firm has gained prestige and recognition in several law fields such as antitrust law; civil, commercial, labor and constitutional arbitration and litigation; corporate advice; contracts; mergers and acquisitions; regulated markets; fisheries and aquaculture legislation and real estate law.

Our firm stands out for having the highest standards of quality and professionalism. We provide personalized attention to our clients, always with the direct supervision from one of our partners, which allows us to understand their legal needs and be able to provide precise and efficient legal solutions, in accordance with the ethical principles that inspire our lawyers, elements which have permitted the firm to maintain long lasting and trust-based relationships with them.

In the Antitrust Law field, we have participated in important matters, either as advisors, litigators or through the issuance of legal opinions.

Likewise, we have vast experience in corporate matters, advising companies and organizations of various sizes and industriesWe have provided advice to leading companies in different sectors, such as banking and finance, real estate, electricity, shipping, fishing, port, health, telecommunications and transportation, public services and trade associations, construction, mining, retail, among others.

Our team is made up of lawyers 
who graduated from the best Chilean universities and some of them have postgraduate studies in Chile or abroad and/or work as professors or teaching assistants at the most prestigious universities of our country.